LML 150cc 4 stroke + Cuppini luggage carrier?

Hello everyone!


This is my first post in the forum (although I've been roaming around and reading for quite a bit), so I'll begin by introducing myself.


My name's Rui and I'm from Portugal. I've owned a 4 stroke 150cc LML Star since April/2010 and I'm quite happy with it so far - so happy that this year I've decided to take a trip around Portugal with it [H] This trip will take around 8-10 days. I'm taking my girlfriend with me, plus some luggage.


This brings me to the reason of why I'm posting and asking for help. I want to buy one of these:



My doubt is that in the compatibility list, the 4 stroke LMLs are not mentioned, only the 2 stroke versions! This got me a bit confused. Is it just missing from the list, or is there any difference between the bodies of the two versions which would make this accessory only fit the 2 stroke LML?


Thank you!