LML 150

Does anybody knows about this kind of engine? Are they equals to italians? Are they worh their money?

And  for the SIP team, are they complete? (carburettor, exhaust, rear drum?..)




Thanks for your answer,

I’m waiting for the same as this one from  SIP Motor LML P150X/PX150E

        Art.-Nr. 78005500, do you know if I have to&nbsp; do a running in for&nbsp; the engine?<br>

Would have thought so.

1000 kms at 2/3 of max speed.


They are made in India, but LML is it’s own company, unrelated to Bajaj. LML used to be partially owned by Piaggio, and manufactured scoots for Piaggio from 86 and into the 90s. The companies parted ways in the late 90s, but LML retained the rights to the designs and tooling as part of a legal settlement. They make a slighlty modified version of the P-series called the NV150 in India, the Star in England, the Belladonna in New Zealand, and the Stella in the United States. Five port reed valve engines, front disk brakes, bitubo shocks … nice bikes. They have their pros and cons in comparison to the PX150, but are generally pretty similar.


Do anyone know does LML150 engine fit SS180’s chassis (ym.1967)? Or is some modification needed?



My father bought a LML NV150 back in 1992, I ride it 5 years now. It is same as the px150, without e-start and autolube. I must tell that the engine is probably the best part of the bike. 15 years, 50000 kilometers and never had a problem, just once when water entered in the carb because I left it outside totally open don’t wanted to start. I do only the usual maintenance , sparks and filter cleaning, and it goes like a Swiss watch. You won’t regret if you buy one.

it depends on the type of engine. If you can buy the engine of the Star 125 DLX or the Star 150 Deluxe, engines will even better as the Vespa-engines. Better clutches, smooth gearing and pistoinrings are chromed ! If you can buy this engine, new for about 750 Euro, don’t hesitate. Don’t buy engines with reedvalve or 5 ports. And don’t buy other engines than from Star.

Why not buy the reedvalve 5 port engine???? The reedvalve is an awesome bit of kit, highly tuneable and in standard is good too, the 5 ports are much larger than the piaggio engine (even though its not a true 5 port)

this kind of engine,this type i heard came from india they call bajaj…i think


This engine fits pefectly for a SS180, you may have to change the
kickstart (on some models, it bumps on the sidepanels). And add a
regulator if yourr SS was on 6V, if it’s already in 12V, you just have
to „plug & play“