LML 150 2t Crankshaft

Hi all,

please suggest the best crankshaft to use with lml 150 2t Disk Valve engine..

i'm to order new crankshaft from sip..but in consider to buy which one crankshaft are the best :

1. Racing Crankshaft Mazzucchelli ( http://www.sip-scootershop.com/en/products/racing+crankshaft+mazzucchelli+_45005000 ) or

2. Flowed Racing Crankshaft SERIE ( http://www.sip-scootershop.com/EN/products/flowed+racing+crankshaft+serie_45003000 )

i cannot find any other info about Flowed Racing Crankshaft..that why i open this post.

my other engine setup : Malossi 166cc Cylinder , Spaco 26/26 , Sito + Exhaust

Any help appreciated...Thank in advance [;)]

Thank again heggie..my 150 lml 2t just a rotary valve/disc valve..no plans to change to reed valve in the near future..just keep the rotary valve because it look like so complicated..my mechanic here is oldskool style..ahahaha..not had enough experience about new era vespa engine :-).

i just want get more info about performance from Flowed Racing Crankshaft SERIE PRO :

http://www.sip-scootershop.com/en/products/flowed+racing+crankshaft+serie_45003000 ..

from the description given, it suitable for use with rotary valve/disc valve.. I also search  other forum but get not enough info about this crank.. about price it cheaper than pinasco. 


injected & premix 2% ..or just get pinasco racing crankshaft ?? tq heggie

i have the pinasco crank on my wish list for my 200cc LML 2T engine. they are a bit pricey but i've heard good things about them. you wrote that you have a LML engine... is it the reed valve version like mine? if it is, i've heard you can use a mazz full circle crank and keep the oil injection. i talked with a guy that said a full circle crank was the best thing he did to his stella so if you have a reed valve that is another way to go. i added a carbon fiber (GGR) reed to my stella 2T (LML star 2T) and the next step is a full circle crank when it comes time for a rebuild.


Anyone ?? please... TQ

are you running oil injected or premix?