There is another puzzle for you if you would ablige.

bought a LML Star Deluxe 125, I have put on a 24mm del carb, DR180 kit and a scorpion exhaust. In first second and third it flies to 55 then in fourth struggles. but the main problem at the moment is when it hits 60 the engine cuts out, any ideas why

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hi ..

and what carburetor exactly do you got ?


if you use the 24 SI i recommend you a mainjet size from 122 to 118



Hi it is a DR 177 on original crankshaft, main jet i 122, mixer tube is BE3, 160 air jet and 160 slow running jet.

Hello Again.

The carburettor is a SI 24/24 E,

So is the fine tuning ok?

You mentioned it might have something to do with the ignition?

could it be a restriction from the CDI unit?


Hi Dude ..


I think for first you should check the finetuning of your carburetor and the ignition.

Please tell me your jet sizes and what engine ecaxtly do you got.

Is it only the DR 177 with  original crankshaft  etc.