Liquid cooling for px200

Does any one have any suggestions regarding liquid cooling for px200? Specially when it comes to placing/fitting the rimiator? Also if there is any one who have used the liquid cooled cylinder head on the pinasco sylinder… Thanks [:rolleyes:] [:rolleyes:] [:rolleyes:]

I believe that the downpipe is only slightly too small. A freind of mine had a similar problem, he solved it by sanding down the exhaust stub slightly. However, his problem was with with left hand SIP performance

I dont think you will have a problem getting the head to fit, If it was slightly too small you would have no problem getting an engineering shop add 0.5mm to the diameter.

It may be possible to mout the radiator in the toolbox, however, it would require cutting holes in the legshields and toolbox door and fitting grills. If done properly it would look really good, it would also be easy for it to go totally wrong.

If you purchased a radiator without a radiator cap that was designed to use an expansion tank you could mount the radiatior at the lowest point on front of the legshields and have the expansion tank in the toolbox. Try visiting a motorcycle breakers to see whats available, or a car breakers, as you may find that a heater matrix may be large enough to cope, especially if you are keeping the forced air cooling as well.

The only practical solution fo mounting the radiator is over the horncase. You could put it lower down but you are limited as the filler cap has to be the same height of higher than the cylinder. If you do put it lower down you also risk it being damaged by flying stones on the road. I have seen some people mount them behind the legshields, however, I would not have thought that you would get much air flow though the radiator.

Thanks mtldirect for your answer. I was affraid that it was the best place to put it because I dont think it looks any good… Do you know if anyone have fittet the cylinderhead on a pinasco 215 kit? In catalouge it say that the cylinderhead fits pollini and Malossi. The reason I ask is that I have fittet sutch a kit on my scooter just reasently…
I also have a SIP preformance right hand for a 125 engine, but I have bought the front pipe new for a 200 engine, when trying to fit the whole thing it seems like the pipe for the 200 engine is to small for the Pinasco cylinder [:’(] Do you have any suggestions regarding how to fit this???

Hope you people can help… [:)]