Light unit question?

can anyone tell me if this item is just a rear light or if it is a brake light as well ?


thanks charlie



the difference is only about the producer and the color of the cover.



One last reference:

If you want you can also use the italian one and modifie the lampholder.

Basically you have to mount "only" a new socket.




ah that sounds like a good idea can i get a socket from the website? thanks charlie

No problem man, you´re welcome !




There are two similar rearlights with brakelight to the italian one.


Its 56255000 and 56092000. Please have a look at the onlineshop.




ok thanks for your help

Hi dude



This is just the rearlight without brake because its for the italian model.

do you need it with brake ?



hi i had a look thanks,

whats the difference between 56094000 and 56092000 ?

yeah im really looking for this style of rear light with the brake light as well. can you suggest where i can get one? cheers charlie

Hi dude



I´m sorry but dont have this part that you need. You can take it from an old rearlight, that should be the best way to resolve.