LHS an new pipe

Alright all i’m currently going under this as a pseudoname, notice the originality, i’ve added a 2. My usual usernames registered to work!
Anyroad i’ve just got myself a new pipe along with a few other bits, polini LHS smallframe exhaust, for my pk 50 s. Just been scrabbling around on the floor in the backgarden for the last 2 hrs, needed to check my induction manifold as well, i think it must have been welded on, lol . I’d not removed the engine to save time, HA!
Want i’d like to no is if i’ve picked the right pipe, as i sit on my bike the LHS is the left hand side, yes? please tell me i’m right! (an no funny remarks about riding side sadle or sitting on backwards[:D].
As there’s no way the new pipe would fit onto the outlet at the moment, i’ve removed the old pipe, but there seems to be another part that’s attached before the cylinder head outlet, the pipe should just bolt straight on to the cylinder head, right?. As i can’t tell properly as the covers still on. Please tell me i’m right. The joys of not having a haynes manual for p.k.'s

panicking! [:D] [:D]

p.s. i’ve just been reading some of the other threads, do i have to port/match my 75 polini kit?

Original von Novista2: needed to check my induction manifold as well, i think it must have been welded on, lol .

Not as i first thought, there’s 3 bolts holding it on (DOH!), i now wish i hadn’t removed the engine, looks like i’m gonna have to replace a lot more in the long run, especially as i dropped the chassis on my coil, an have torn the earthwire open, oh well, the leads are the originals, an the rubbers screwed, so that’ll mean a new ht lead to boot. The thing is it’s the same for the lead (old rubber) that runs to the stator or is there anyway of replacing this or has it got to be the whole thing? (currently praying).

Also, the plug end looks like someones hacked a chunk out of it, not the spark end?
Spark colour black an oily, piston head black an charcoaly.

Any ideas on normality?

Alltogether now, "why’d i buy a fifty off my mate, oh, why’d i buy a fifty off my mate…

Talk about labour of love…

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VD, if i can call you VD, i’m lost mate? Revival in london?


if I understood well you have solved your installing prob.
If not it seams that you have left on place a little 90 degree metal part connection between the original exhaust and the cylinder.(You were right to think that there was another part in the way).
You should take this part out if you fit the polini pipe, you don’t need it since thie design is different.

Thanks to anyone that read my really interesting email, you can reply if you feel like it, anyroad i’ve just checked http://www.scooterhelp.com an there’s a picture of it there, infact, full install details.

never too busy for the slidingdog. call me anytime at revival workshop

its in melksham, wilts tel:01225899289

The wonderful world of the internet!!
most questions don’t get answerd, as not a lot of people will answer a question that could bugger up somones scoot!
SIP don’t even know we exist!!!
CURARE works! but alway’s tries.
I just make it up!

Cheers guys! I’d been reading an re-reading, the scooterhelp, piece for the last 2 weeks an had never noticed that extra joint! (see the blind man fix his scooter!LOL).
Anyroad, i’m just gonna remove the whole lot, an get in there, strap on the new kit, change the gasket on the inlet manifold an hope that’s the problem, (praying, there’s no crack in it), the air’s gotta be getting in there somewhere. An stick on the new pipe (which i’ve fallen in love with). Then the new clip on legshield rear mirror, hubba hubba! An i almost forgot, the new jets.
An then try not to blow it up as i run it in!