Leovince pipe catalogic number!

i want to buy this pipe from a local dealer here in israel.
he asked me for a catolog number for ordering it,this pipe is not shown in leo web site!

someone could help me?

It will provide a tinny,sportier sound but a Sito+ will give you far better alround performance although they sound rubbish in my opinion.

this pipe is the dogs for a t5!!! loads of tourqe!!! im just about to get rid of a nearly new pm for a leo!!! £250 down the drain!!!

i know the simnoni is better but he doesn’t import them,only sito and leo.

i would orfer from sip but p&p is crazy!!!

i want a cooler sound for the enjine,somthing like a motocross sound,would it provide it?

IMHO this is a really poor pipe for the px & to be honest I’d sooner drill some holes in a standard pipe if changing the sound is the only order of the day. [:D]

To be honest I have no idea on a part number for it.

Unless you really have your heart set on the Leo Vinci I would suggest that you forget about it and use a Simonini instead.The performance of the Leo is very poor everywhere apart from the very top end.


why not try the „contact“ section on their site and request your models cat.no.

i have a sitp plus now but it sounds like the original…

already try that but they don’t reply

Agree, the T5 is a great motor (pity they had to stop production). I know the pm is a mid too revvy pipe but I’m surprised ur T5 didn’t perform too well with it on.

It would be interesting to know how many exotic pipes are hanging up in peoples garages/sheds.

My record was 5 (all sold on ebay in the end).

& ironically I run a leo on my current smallframe setup (a lot more low end torque)