Leovince Exhaust - Rally 210?

Racing exhaust LEOVINCE Vespa
Art.-no. 42280000
Weight: 2700g
Unit of quantity: Piece

The renowned italian manufacturer LeoVinci brings its popular exhaust system back. The system is remarkable through its higher torque making it astonishingly complementary to the Malossi cylinders. Decently riveted muffler on the motor side (ends under the gear pedal).

Hi - Anyone had experience with the above exhaust? Performance/ground clearance etc? - I’m looking for a system to compliment my Malossi 210. I dont want it too loud but improve performancve over my SITO plus.

Also dont want to remove my spare wheel or move my stand position so a RH system appears the go! I’ve been told before the RZ Rh is the nuts but I dont think I can substantiate the cost if there is not much in performance.

Can any one help please?

Racing exhaust LEOVINCE Vespa

…Sito plus is better up to 4000rpm. After this point Simonini is always better. The difference is about 20 - 25% more power and 10% more torque then Sito.
As far as the noise concern is a little louder then Sito.

Vespadoctor - interesting about the Sito Plus. I am just about to replace mine, as it is so loud (nasty noise as well). I have had loads of advice from this forum about what to replace it with (thanks all!).

But my P2 also vibrates a lot - never thought it was the pipe. I will be interested in the difference when I change it.


Leo Vinci does not have a nice curve, low and mid low there is nothing, better Simonini for the cheap choice or Pinasco, less top end but nicer to drive.
RZ right hand it is better in every respect but you pay for it.

I still didn’t try beerace one(but it is not right hand).

avoid the leovince like the plague theyre crap, avoid the sito plus as it vibrates like a twat, choose simonini every time far superior to the aforementioned,but i only do this for a living so what do i know

Thanks Curare - top man as ever!

Simonini maybe the go for now - would there be much perfornmance difference from a SITO PLUS? Hopefully its not too loud?

Thanks again

Thanks Curare