Leo Vince or Simmoni for Standard T5?

Hi all! I have a standard mk 1 T5 that currently has a sito plus on it. I have tried a few exhausts including the PM & the sito gives the best performance but it’s a little on the loud side. I don’t really mind it that much but as I’m a teacher, I get a lot of dirty looks when I turn up at school. I’m thinking of trying the Leo Vince or the Simmoni. Anyone know which is the better of the two? Also, how loud are they? I presume that they are a lot quieter than the sito . Any help would be appreciated! Thanks, Croydon

In truth you wont find much difference between the sito and the simmonini but the sound from the simmo is a lot less irritating!


Of the two Leo Vinci form me with T5.

Thanks for ther tip Diablo. The simmoni is louder than the Sito or the Leo Vince? I don’t mind a little bit of noise but the sito is so high pitched so it feels really loud. Performance wise which is better? Thanks!

Simmonini much louder! Leo vinci quieter but not better than siti for performance. The pm works better on kitted bikes and is quite revy so thats why it seemed poor.

Hi there. Thanks for that! So which one should I buy? The cheaper Leo Vinci or the Simmoni?