I’ve got a standard T5 with a Sito+ exhaust, am just wondering if mixture is better lean or rich for the T5 and does it make much difference?. Cheers

Sorry, picture didn’t work…[:@]

Hmm the main jet is 112, u think i should go up too 114?.

Yup its a SPACO carb.

Hehe thanks, Had it going very lean so have put it too a richer mix. Wierd tho…On my scoot its not a screw but a small brass bolt [:angry:]. Never seen a mix screw like it b4 so previous owner musta bodged it up somehow

Ok, cheers matey. [:drink:]

to lean, the piston might seize.
To rich, the carbon builds up faster in the engine.
I you have to chose, go for rich. Just right is of corse the best.


Check the sparkplug, it should have this color.

cool, will check it out tonight. Could that be why I have the slowest T5 possible? (60-62mph) max.

Try 116 and if it is to rich, go down to 114.


Could be a SPACO carb, they have a brass airscrew. You need a bigger mainjet.