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I have a vespa pk50xl with a DR 102cc kit with 2.86 gearing and shb19/19 carb. I plan on touring more than stop and go. I accidently bought a PK125 sito plus exhaust because it looked like the original one but found out later that where the exhaust meets the exhaust manifold the angle is wrong. Should I modified the PK125 S+ to work or should I use a right hand polini? I have been told that the 2.86 gearing is too long to pull my DR kit but I don't know what that means. Can someone please explain and any recommendations as to choice of exhaust. Thank you

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If you check out the cylinder kit in our webshop, you'll find lots of information on it:


A 2.86 gearing is the maximum ratio your kit can still pull.


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Thank you for your reply. I still struggle a bit with the gearing concept but I chose this combination based on the fact that  both the dr102cc kit and 2.86 gearing were free. In addition to the exhaust you recommended, what about jetting. Currently my 19/19 has the following..idle jet 45, starter jet 60, and  main jet 80. Could you also recommend for jetting with the stock exhaust. Thanks


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For first i want to say is that in my expirience a 3.00 ratio would be the best choice.

The thing is that if your ratio is to long the engine will not be able to pull it because the refs of the engine are to low. It´s like if you go with a bicylce and you have to choose the right gear.


The PK125 pipe you´ve got will not fit to your engine !


My recommendation would the pipe ( item code 200205)


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