Lambretta/vespa chop

I am going to build a lambretta frame chop with a vespa engine as a prototype for making my own vespa tube frames. Has anyone done anything similar? I want to use vespa forks so will the lambretta steering bearings fit vespa forks (if not i will machine adapters to fit vespa bearing races to the lamby frame stem). Before you yell NO to killing a lamby frame, I got a knackered cutdown jet200 frame too far gone to restore so its no loss saving it from a skip. I intend to copy the dimensions that work and redesign the ones that dont to make tube frames for vespas so i can make a proper frame jig to make my own frames.

Thanks Shaun, just neede to ask as the vespa bearing races are smaller than the lambretta stem tube, i`ll buy some lamby bearing races & use vespa forks. See you at Exmouth.

Yes! as the the top and bottom bearings are the same in the vespa as the lambretta,cut the bugger!too many full frames about any way!!!;D