Lambretta SIP rims


just fitted my new tubeless SIP rim to the front of my indian gp, all went quite easy.

no so with the rear, because the hub stub bolts are too large diameter, the new sub bolts are 10mm (i'm fairly sure they are) and the old ones off the rear hub are 9mm (that's what they seem to be)

so are there alternative hub stub bolts or do i have to buy a 10mm x 1mm (i'm reasonably sure that's the new thread) left hand tap and re-tap my existing hub?

any suggestions, would be a great help

I'd suspect that you have a RAMP rear hub as they're the only ones I've come across that have smaller studs than normal. Ramp hubs are universally acknowledged as only fit for doorstops. No such problems with the UNI or SIL ones that I've used.