Lambretta SIP digital Speedo


can we have an update when these speedos will be available





kann mich jemand aufwecken wenn SIP mir ein datum geben kann?

Hello Lambretta riders,


I know we've let you down a little on the delivery date of the brandnew digital Lambretta speedo but finally, believe it or not, it is in stock. All of you who backordered it will be contacted by automatic email and/or phone. All others should order quickly while supply lasts.


Thanks for bearing with us so patiently and we hope you enjoy the new ride,



as usual no answer and also my profile deleted had to re-register

alora,mi spete da otobre sto contachiometri e ormai son stuff.eo possibie che na data no l'è mai quea precisa?Me par de esser in itaia dove regna paroni a casa nostra...

i'm waiting still from Ocotber 2011,they said to me one time december,then january,then february....and so on?

Wir warten wirklich lange Zeit zu,ich hoffe dass es May bereit wird...zum testen braucht man nicht so viele Monate...

i think they have already started their Christmas vacation if it's like MP's they will be back in four months lol


are we likely to ever see these?


you've got no hope mate, date has been put back 3 times to my knowledge so far and I've been waiting over 3 months now.

It is fortunate the MB ones look crap in comparison and have the same long waiting list, otherwise a large number of potential customers would go elsewhere!

I'm sure they'll be great when they actually turn up but it's getting on my wick now, a definite date would be a nice touch.





 a DEFINITE DATE would be more than just nice!

It is VERY fortunate that I trust SIP are testing these properly and that's the reason for the delay.

It is also VERY fortunate no one else makes such a nice looking digital speedo, as I am sick to death of waiting now!

CAN WE HAVE A DATE: not a changeable one everytime the last one expires please!


anyone want to wake me up when SIP actually can give a date?

anyone fancy translating this into German for me: perhaps someone will answer this thread then?


Achtung! mach schnell?!