Lambretta forks into a PX (Disk)

Hi does anyone know of how to do this?

I know that SIP sold a kit previously to do this (fork, hub,links etc) but i can’t find it now…

Any advise or guidance gratefully received…


lo mate,

i looked into doimg this a while ago and from what i found out you have to do a bit of a cut and cut the lammy forks ,cut the px and weld them together.make sure the person who welds them knows what he is doing as if that breaks ......its going to hurt.


iow vespa club

Keep an eye on length,as you will have to remember that your steering lock notches in the forks will have to line up after the cutting and welding.It can be done it was a big thing in Ireland/UK in the 80’s.Probably will give you better road holding/ of luck.

Also the lambretta fork legs will be shorter! so will need to be extented, unless want to lower the front end!

keep it lower …looks the nuts !!!

Thanks Sean, thats what I kinda thought… I know welders that could do this. suppose i just need to keep my eye out for „donor“ forks.

Thanks again for the reply.