lambretta fork


i was wondering,if i wanted to put a lammy fork into a t5
wich one would i need?

the one for pxold? or the one for px-efl??

any help would apreciated

grts drev

is it a mk1 t5 or t5 classic

its an mk1 (its the square light one yeah??)

Hi, if the forks are for a PX you could get round it by using an LML Select 2 inner headset. They have the PX type pinch bolt instead of the T5 fitting, your T5 parts will fit to it so bob’s your uncle. Try for the LML part.

ok, cheers all

mk1 t5 forks are slightly different at the top compared to px are these the lambreetta forks sip sell other wise dont you have get youre stem welded to the lambretta forks