Ladyboys+Mininum orders +Postage

Now that I have your attention please read.
Hi SIP or anyone else.

I only wanted a Mudguard for a T5, but was told online that I needed a minimum order of $100 , so I reluctuntanly kept on going ordering everything from adjustable alloy levers to dust caps and even a SIP sticker.( The stickers aren’t free you know? ).
Postage Rates to my home in Thailand were $116.
To add insult to injury my Thai credit card ,with a limit of $2000 is no f*#&ing good outside of Thailand. So, I emailed my mum and she’ ordered it from Beedspeed.

Ok I know the credit card isn’t SIP’s fault ,but minimun orders and $116 of postage for about 4 kilos or so is abit steep.

Are the high prices there because I have the luxury of only wearing my underpants in my home for 365 days a year, being able to buy copied CD’s for a quid, or Armani shirts for 3 quid or is this some sort of Tsunami Area Tax or what?

Cheers Happy New Year