Koso Speedo for a Aerox, does anyone have one?

Hi all,

  Has anyone brought a Koso speedo for their Aerox or Nitro, the KO025.

How was it to install?, was it easy/hard?, what do you think of it now?, and do you have any tips for me?



is it straight to the battery

where does the + and - connect?

Hello Aeroxage,
I bought one for my Ditech but it didn’t worked properly. I tried several setups, I installed it differently but it never showed a smart thing. Try to maintain the HT sensor as far as you can from electric centers, CDI, etc… Someone told me it could improve the thing, but personnaly I ceased playing with that thing after it discharged my battery… Again, be careful with the electrical installation, you have to isolate the pluging and make sure its well connected to the bike electrical circuit.

thanks for that

did you have any luck with the installation?

i installed mine with ease but it malfunctions after a few minutes...it keeps resetting over and over...

the rev counter is all over the show, did you have the same problem, if so haw did you revise it?

the tepriture works well i set the highest temp to 75 degrees and the bike rarly goes over it...


how did you go...


didn't the instructions show how to do it right, i thought it would be easy, i guess not, so what addvise were you given on how to do it right.

Thanks for this.


Thats not hard to install once you know how to do, its just that its very badly explained on the notice. But you just have to plug two + and - wires on the electrical circuit (after the contact) and a sensor at the sparkplug. The thing is that you have to connect the wires at the right place to ensure not discharging the battery. If you have someone who knows how it works, or if your dealer can tell you were to plug, no prob. Just a few fairings to remove.