Koso Runner speedo

I have just installed a speedo from the site and it is not working for me. I have followed the instructions to the best of my abilities. The speedo always registers a speed lower than my actual speedo by 10-15kmh. The rev counter is always registering that I am between 13-15000 rpm even at low speeds. For example if I am doing about 50kmh, it reads 15000, but if I increase speed it jumps back to 13000. The temperature gauge starts @ 30c and I have gotten it as high as 101c, with an average of 80c. I use Engine Ice as my coolant so I know there is something wrong with the device itself. I can’t even get the Select and Adjust buttons to respond. All of these problem occur during normal day to day riding from the day I stalled the device. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix it? If not I will need for SIP to replace this faulty item. I have sent multiple request like this and had no replies so I am asking in the forum for help. Please help!![:(]

per il conta giri devi attorcigliare il cavo del conta giri intorno al positivo e negativo della bobina non al cavo candela e magari far passare il cavo lontano da circuiti elettrici, perchè è molto sensibile potrebbe sbagliare, per il resto a me funziona perfettamente collegando i due connettori correttamente (temperatura, velocità, spia olio, luci, ecc.)
for it counts turns you must coil the cable of counts turns around to the positive one and negative of the coil to the cable candle and not to even make to pass to the cable far away from circuits electrical workers, because he is much sensitive one could mistake, for the rest to me works perfectly connecting the two connectors correctly (temperature, speed, spy oil, lights, etc)