Koso Carbs.

hey guys are Koso carbs any good?
i was looking at getting one for my malossi 180 gilera runner. maybe a 30mm


hi johathon,
i own a tuned geared vespa but am really just interest in going fast on machine’s with small wheels… koso carbs are supposed to be very good, i think they are designed for karting, if you look on the worb5 site they have dyno graphs from various engines comparing koso’s with delorto’s and mikuni’s, koso’s make more power accross the whole rev range!!! i think people don’t use them very commonly because they have to be spindled down as the out diameter is 40mm and most del’s and mikuni’s are 36mm, i enquired about bying a 32mm koso from worb5 and getting them to machine it, they said 20euros… seems reasonable,

cheers, ozzy