kitted P motor

Hello , I have a kitted P motor w/ zirri 230 and full circle crank did the porting etc, hp4 flywheel and employ the stock si24/24 carb. The bike ran fine …now that the break in is about done full throttle is great but the low end seems to prefire a bit… Do I need to recheck the timing (we set it 18 btdc) or put on a bigger carb… I`m looking for a reasonable priced fix for this problem …THanks[:drink:]

it seems, the mixture is to lean. try to upjet your carb or take a larger one. also change the position of your statorplate. try a few degrees more.
what kind of exhaust do you use?
if you use a sip pipe then you need at least a 130-135 main jet.

rgds, alex

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