Kit pinasco 102cc art.84000000

Hi, i have a PK 50 vespa and i will upgrade it to 102cc with pinasco kit art nº84000000/OEM25011840.

I'm planning to buy a polini carburator CP 21mm art nº21121030/OEM201.2103 and a new gearbox transmission relation 18/67 (3.72) art nº15350000/OEM90596.

I already have a new reinforced clutch with 4 discs and a Sito plus exhaust with correct size manifold. Bigger intake manifold. Standart wheels and tyres. 

I have a new ignition system pinasco flytech 1,4kg 90W with electronic ignition coil.

All the bearings, joints and retainers are new. The bearings of the camshaft are reinforced.

Can anyone give me a feedback about the total upgrade?

I need some informations like the gigleur size of the carburator, general calibrations, ignition time, spark plug, oil mixture percentage, ...


Thanks for help (Users and SIP experts)