Kit Inspiration needed

Ok so my polini motor has seen many 1000’s of miles of thrashing and i have all the kit to build a second motor but |I’m at a turning point and unsure whether to build a reeded malossi 136 (already to go on) will produce the same excelent touring qualities of the polini (but I am tempted by the high revving power output . Ther’s a few new kits out  at the moment ( M1 , fabrizi & Parmakit ) not forgetting the worb5 polini of course. Does anyone know of any setups that will provide the high speed touring/ cafe racing requirements that i desire ???

Mike,I was told by Curare that the M1 is an exceptional,torquey kit.


Whether this will give you the top-end you're after at a wallet friendly price I have no idea.