Kiesler sprint frame, need some help with the Fork Mount

Hi there, iam ordering the Kiesler sprint frame here in May.


my plan is to get a Sonic fork on it and the 10" wheel..


my question is now (mostly for the S.i.p admins)

is it possible that you could make the mounts? instead of the aerox mount?


// or is there a Email or something i can write to with questions about the stuff in the webshop??


// kind regards  M9-Racing - Denno



Ah Okay , Have Fun



i'll just have to buy it and the send it to the local black smith .. and let him play with some magic :)

You want the frame for Kiesler minarelli lying in Sonic installed? If yes, then maybe you had to modify the brackets Fits ... unfortunately not always with Minarelli


Sry for my English