Kickstart hits panel

Ive just got my PX engine into my Gl150 frame - fits like a glove,
Put on the engine side panel… and the kickstart touches the panel when I sit on the scoot!
There must be a solution as I know lots of people do this conversion,
any ideas?[:rolleyes:]



It is a common enough conversion, I thought I had seen a GL with the PX kickstart on before. The GL Panel is slightly rounder than Sprint/Rally ones…must be that bit wider too.

The (obvious) easy fix is to take your KS lever off and bend it out by the required amount.

Hallys advice unfortunatly doesn’t apply to you as the Sprint/GL etc. KS lever does not fit the splines on the PX shaft. The conversion is to awap this out for a Rally KS shaft/quadrant/gear…this I think applies to the older P2. Also the T5 shaft works (for newer gearboxes) you will need to check compatibility. With the T5 or Rally shaft you can fit a (more original looking) Kickstart lever…and no one can tell you have a more modern engine in there…depends how bothered about that you are as to wether you think it is worthwhile…If the P engine is just re-built then perhaps not…if it needs a re-build soon then why not ‚do it while you are in there anyhow‘…

Try … think the changeover might be described more fully on there

I put a T5 motor in a Sprint and used the kickstart off the old Sprint engine, fitted straight on no problems. Simplistic but hope it helps.