Keihin 24mm smoooooth!

Hi all,

Finally got around to having the Keihin 24mm PE carb fitted. The manifold that came with the carb had a hole in the casting!!! and anyway a local Vespa shop had a manifold suitable for a Japanese carb conversion. The manifold is one of the strangest I’ve ever seen but it does the job. ( so far)

Performance wise, it’s soooo much cleaner through the rev range.
Obviously no improvement on top end, well maybe a little bit. Although I get there a lot faster.

The only problem is it bogs a little with full throttle in 4th gear.
I presume a needle adjustment could solve this or maybe the main jet needs to be changed???

Any ideas on fine tuning, Curare???

Have a look at the photos.Click below.

Cheers Grimesy

hello grimesy66,

it sounds like the main jet is too big for your set up. Go for a plug chop and check the spark.
And tell us the actual setting of your carb. It could help us.

…and: it look nice. Good work man.

Don’t know if you’re aware of the Grimsey but this lot have just started up.

The word is you need a trade account and the minimum order is £600 but I’m not sure if that’s true.

A couple of lads on other forum’s I visit seem fairly impressed with them though so it might be worth a try.

Randall,any chance you could give us more picture’s of the girl’s from your advert in this month’s Scootering?[:D]

Hello Grymesy66,

if we consider the list you have given as the set up with which you have received your cerb then:

the main jet is way too big.
Get a : 115, 118, 120 Start with the 120 and then if not good go leaner.

Idle jet 52 is also enormous:
get a 38 and 40. (start trying the 40 first)

let us know how it gets.

Hi Curare. I\m looking for jets. I’ll let you know for sure. Sorry for slow reply. I’m on holiday!!!


Original von ultraphine: Its a bloody pity that randall at scootrs wont sell anything to anyone in asia (racist prick) cos he has jets for keihins quite cheap. [/qu Whats this why won't he sell to anyone in Asia?
you still haven't answered why you won't sell to Grimsey or people like him.

Dave, it’s nothing personal. I don’t know who he is, or „people like him.“ All I know is one guy emailed and asked why Thailand wasn’t an option for ordering onsite and it’s as explained above.

One big problem for all ex-pats, myself included, is that any company concerned about cc fraud will only ship to the cc billing address. Thus your UK cc won’t get you a shipment in Indonesia because all internet cc fraud looks like that: use John Doe’s stolen cc from London, but change shipping to Jakarta. If we accepted orders like that, our cc processor would flip out as soon as we got any chargebacks and cut us off as too risky. Some companies can make it a cost of business and not worry about their processing account, but we don’t have that luxury.

Mr. Grimes, if there is something you can’t find there and you’re stuck, send us an email and we’ll try and work out something special.

Looks neat!!

Hi Curare.

I don’t know the exact settings as the carb is a copy and there are no markings or numbers .However Keihin’s website lists as follows:
24mm PE

As I think you know, the engine is a standard PX150 .

Any advice appreciated


Look’s a bit too angled to me but if it work’s…

Its a bloody pity that randall at scootrs wont sell anything to anyone in asia (racist prick) cos he has jets for keihins quite cheap.

Oh and for your info randall, I made an enquiry about special shipping because your postage rates are a hell of alot more that others in asia, just ask ssc. You seem to list the weight of your gear at about 2kgs more than your competition.(have a look on the sterling website at the weights there) You seem to want to continue to reorder through amazon yet wont give grimesy the same benefit of the doubt. You seem to be really defensive about your business mate, every time a negative word is said about you anywhere you have to pop up to try and defend yourself, no wonder people think you are a whiney prick. (check the date this guy actually joined this site guys) Oh and should i copy the statement you made about sterling as well? Would you be willing to stand by the defammatory statements you made about them? I think that anyone, especially somebody who claims some kind of affinity with asian people simply because they live there (and use their cheap labour to ,make a living for themself) is most definitely a racist if they refuse to sell parts to somebody out of hand simply because they live in a certain country, there are ways I am sure that you could protect both yourself and your customers from fraud. As for the statement about you refusing to sell to people who would use parts for restos what about the guy in cali who was refused service because he was vietnamese and because you claimed that he was part of a particular vietnamese community in america? And no you obviously dont sell parts to anyone in asia as it looks like sterling have probably taken most of your business.Oh and what about the statement that your prices would be going down now that you had cleared some of the dead wood from your organisation mate? Didn’t happen did it? And as for those entirely special postal arrangements every other (read 2) scooter parts dealership offers surface mail as a standard service, so why do ytou play the martyr simply because somebody asked you to try and fulfill a request?

I get the feeling that you troll through the internet just looking for people who have a legitimate gripe about your business just to have somebody to argue with, go back to the bbs, this place is for people who wish to help each other out, not make money for you. If you have a problem with peoples perception of you then maybe you should have a look at what has caused it. No wonder your staff have got their own thing going, I couldn’t imagine having to work with an ego like yours. Now why don’t you go back to your job and leave the people in here alone you sad paranoid little man. (and remember there is absolurtely no need to be unnecessarily paranoid we actually are talking about you)

Oh and grimesy, could you do me a favor and have a look around bkk and see if there are places that sell the calipers that you see on those little buzzbox step throughs? I am doing a front disc conversion and i need to find a caliper that will do the job.

This is quite an offensive thread.

Why in the world does avoiding cc fraud have anything to do with race? Do people really suggest companies suffer 98% fraud from Indonesia so as to get one good order there? A huge percentage of online businesses do not accept any orders from a large number of certain countries. Are they all racist? (Mr. Grimes, I explained that very clearly and politely in an email to you when you contacted us. Sorry people in Thailand have ruined that for you - and for us on past orders there where we’ve lost money -, but people in Vietnam have ruined my ability to order from overseas as well. Just the other week Amazon cancelled an order 3 times that we tried to make. Are they racist?) You have to be extremely careful and do what your cc processor requests because if not, you can very quickly lose your cc processing account, which is extremely difficult to get to begin with if operating in certain countries. Surely you don’t think we hate blacks because we don’t accept orders from Nigeria? Or hate whites because we don’t accept orders from Russia?

And why, good god, ultraphine, are you emailing us asking us to go to the trouble of making entirely special shipping arrangements for you if you think we are „racist pricks“??? Explain why a „racist prick“ voluntarily moves to a country he supposedly hates and lives there for 10 years and marries a woman there and spends time with her family there and raises a child there. What you’ve said is extremely repugnant.

Or just wrong: „he claims it is because of people using his parts to do up scooters to sell overseas.“
-no, I don’t see people in Thailand or elsewhere doing that. And locally we’ve never imported enough parts in the past to think about selling any, but how would you know if we sell spares or not to others here now? I’m quite sure you don’t know, or you wouldn’t say what you have. And why would it matter anyway if I did choose not to assist a competitor?

(UK shops won’t ship to some countries because they don’t want to assist competitors to make new products. I’ve seen them post exactly that. So are they „racist pricks“ as well, or that’s OK because they’re from the UK?)

They copied PM pipes but forgot about the fact that each saw cut was a little over a mm. When they made theres they were shorter
-you wouldn’t notice 1mm here and there, but why do you even think we’d need to cut it up to make one? You can just measure the outside. And why complain about copying and then complain that it’s not the same? It is different: the dimensions are slightly different, internally it’s different, the manifold is different (longer and tapered for better power), muffler is different, it has a different rubber mount system for vibration - so what?

He’s copied every British Tuners part there is.
-wow, what would those all be? And don’t list anything sold by 5 people already. Anyway, why is a business not allowed to make something just because others have made it? Did we ever infringe on any patents? Should MBD not make their tubeless rim now because we did it first, and then Tino Satchi? Only one race crankshaft is allowed in the world? Have some perspective.

I was told a story of how one dealer sent him stainless items from their range and asked for a price to manufacture in Vietnam. ScootRS told him OO no we can’t do that at a reasonable price our stainless out here is poor quality. Six months later all his items are copied and on sale by ScootRS-ALLEDGEDLY.

That’s total nonsense. Only time dealers ever sent us a piece to make was by arrangement and we made it for them, and we still sell to them to this day. So unless you want to email the dealer and back up what you’re saying, please don’t make up crazy stories like that.

I am not exactly sure, he claims it is because of people using his parts to do up scooters to sell overseas. It is a bit stupid if you ask me.

Ultraphine and Diablo and All,

I’'ve encountered problems with that moran from Scootrs before.

As some of you know I live in Thailand and I’m sure most of you know that Scootrs manufacture stuff in Vietnam. All of you know that Thailand and Vietnam are both in asia??? Except for Randall

Anyway I tried to order from Scootrs thinking the postage would be alot cheaper due to the fact that the two countries are only a Bird Flu infected flight away . Simply put I couldn’t . The expanation I got from Randall was " We don’t send to countries in Asia due to Asian Fraud" . Asian Fraud? Well, bugger me with a broken Newcastle Brown bottle but I thought Vietnam was in Asia. Furthermore, on his website he boasts about the quality and cheapness etc of manufacturing in Vietnam. He fails to mention anything about " Asian Fraud".
So if you are lucky enough to be able to order from them check your Credit Card receipt very carefully 'coz you can’t trust them God dammed gooks, you know?

Since my experience, I’ve sourced numerous parts that are as equally as good in Thailand and they are alot cheaper,
How does " " sound??

Cheers Grimesy

Fuck me Asian fraud. He’s copied every British Tuners part there is. I was told a story of how one dealer sent him stainless items from their range and asked for a price to manufacture in Vietnam. ScootRS told him OO no we can’t do that at a reasonable price our stainless out here is poor quality. Six months later all his items are copied and on sale by ScootRS-ALLEDGEDLY.
They copied PM pipes but forgot about the fact that each saw cut was a little over a mm. When they made theres they were shorter which is why the’re so revy-Twats


I’m deeply touched by your kind words of support in relation to this sad and unfortunate issue. Ultraphine, I’ll start looking around. Randall you must be joking?


I see we posted at the same time above.

Hmmm. I don’t know what to say to that ultraphine, or if to reply. I didn’t come here to argue with you, but I was quite shocked by the posts above. Maybe if we met, you’d understand why.

You note that I just joined the forum and it’s my first post ever here, but then say I’m hunting for posts to attack. That doesn’t jibe. I don’t think any reasonable person would say someone is an egomaniac because he stumbles across a highly offensive post and dares to reply, no, btw, were not racists, or no, we didn’t get parts sent to us from some shop and steal them all. I guess people will judge for themselves.

No wonder your staff
-I don’t know where this comes from and why you keep posting it. We have a full staff, more than we’ve ever had. (And 2 people from the place you mention called us last week asking for jobs, what does that indicate?) We’re busier than ever right now and looking for a much bigger location. So we got rid of some people months ago for theft and bad work, big deal. I don’t care what they do now and never would have mentioned it even the one time if you had not posted that we we were basically out of business (I even ignored it the first time and only responded to your 2nd thread), or if one person had not stolen and used people’s private info, for which we had finally to email and apologize after people asked what the heck was going on and why someone was calling private numbers saying he was calling from scootRS. If you’re comfortable with what that indicates and happy with stuff from local shops, great, there are 30 of them to choose from here, just like India. But I know where most things come from here, and I know from experience that people want better quality, which is why we’ve made big changes this year.

what about the statement that your prices would be going down? Didn’t happen did it?
-again, I don’t really know how to respond when you post things as fact that are simply wrong. If I reply you say it’s „ego“, or being argumentative. It’s not, but most every scooter shop in the world knows we’ve already been able to reduce prices significantly, many weeks ago, which is partly why we’re so busy. And even retail prices on many items have been reduced as well, but it takes time to go through 500 items as you can imagine.

spending your time building your business
-we strongly agree there. That’s why I’ve rarely been on any forums for the past 6 months or so. A good example: we just released the new version of our disc kit, much, much better than before and lowered the price at the same time. A lot of work and that’s just one item we’ve seriously improved.

Again, I didn’t come here to argue with you, I was just shocked by the posts and surprised why this venomous post now after the previous erroneous posts about our being out of business and such. Sometimes you have to reply even when you don’t want to.

(By the way, the only forum we promote on is the BBS because we pay for that. Look at my non-sig here.)

Mr. Grimes: good luck to you. All I can say is any business has to adhere to policies and make rare exceptions. We can’t possibly know who’s contacting us. We get many scam attempts every week. If you contact some cc processors and tell them you have a business in Vietnam probably none will accept you, and none at a good rate if you do get one. You then have to be extremely careful not to lose it. We’ve already lost regular Mastercard processing, so very, very tough. On top of that, it all has to be coded into the website to keep the orders straight. I hope you understand that. The offer still stands anyway.

Randall,you still haven’t answered why you won’t sell to Grimsey or people like him.