Kegra T5 pipe

Hi all manged to get a „KEGRA“ pipe off a mate today been sitting in his garage for ever really really good condition £60 hope i done right ??? Anyway will i need to up jet my carb for this pipe im on a 110 at the moment i think and what sort of reviews for this pipe i presume they do not make anymore as i cannot find anything out about it so anybody know about them ???



Hi where are you from


the price is ok but consider it just as a ticket to get some experience with exhausts.

Let’s get to the point. Kegra I think is the worst english exhaust ever made.
The power spred narrow and it is less then a Polini exhaust.
I will be surprised you like it.

Sorry, but as I said at the beginning, it is not bad to experience, it will help to find out the way we like our engine to be.



every engine is different, ported not ported, timing, atmospheric pressure and so on.

If I can give you a small advice try to get first rich in your carburation and then go leaner (smaller main jet). It will be easier because you will realise your engine getting higher rpm and safer.

If you are using now 116 and you are happy about, just to check go 118 or 120 and see if you loose rpm.

Or go 114 -112 and feel if you are loosing power.

You can also pull out half way the choke when you are full trottle, and see if it is better. If your engine gets fuller in power means you need bigger big jet. If it is too much means either you are right or a little rich.


England my friend England

Hi all thanks for the advice i have put the Kegra pipe on now and im happy with it one question though i have set the bike up and have gone for a 116 jet im confused though as when i spoke to Kegra on the phone they said it would be ok with a 110 jet in !!! I think if anything i may need to upjet more is there a hard and fast rule for this or are all engines different ??? Also any tips on jetting would be very helpfull.

Thanks in advance


i used 2 run a kegra on a t5, i had a 116 mainjet (probably get away with less but it went ok). like the man said not the best exhaust, but look ok and sound good. [I)]

Thanks for all you very helpfull advice Curare and others i will try as you said on Monday im very greatfull that people are helping a „newbie“ like myself.