Jog-r 50 project - Advice Needed

Hey everyone! Well pretty new to this forum, and to be quite honest, new to scooter's as well. I hope I have the right section. I managed to get my hands on a 1998 Jog-r 50 with 5km's on it for 50 bucks....awesome deal, couldn't pass it up!! It is mint. So I got thinking about modification. I have been doing a lot of reading and  research on how to juice this thing up under a decent budget, which means good reliable mid range parts. I don't need or want the best of the best, just what will be the best for my riding needs. I have a parts list, but a few items I am completely unsure about. I want to make it a reliable daily rider, but it needs some gonads at the same time! Any help, part suggestions, tips, tricks, money saving ideas would all be GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!! =) I want to make this thing my own..gonna be a nice project, and hopefully this thread, you guys, and S.I.P, will help me make it sick!

Im going to document this build, post pic's, and keep this thread updated

So..on with the parts...well..the mechanical aspect...

- Malossi Racing cylinder 68cc -

- Yasuni scooter Z exhaust -

                OR (help me choose the better suited for a 70cc =)

- Laser X Pro -

- Carburetor's ..I have no clue what to look for in one... 17.5mm or a 19mm ?? Automatic choke? Manual choke? ..I need help

- Variators and rollers.... Polini super speed variator kit -

- Clutch...will the stock clutch suffice? Or will just changing the springs be alright?

- Gearing..change the primary, secondary, or both? and what ratio's would be good? I have found these  

- Primary gearing Malossi 17/40 -

-Primary gearing Malossi 15/41 -

- Secondary gearing Polini -

- CDI - Malossi -

- Crank - Not sure what to look for in a decent one


I think that covers the very beginnings of my tuning venture's..If there is anything

I have missed..please don't hesitate to let me know!

Thanks a lot guys, hope to start this up fairly soon! And make some good contacts here in the Forums...


I like my LaserXPRO but now that I have seen the exquisite build quality and ease of install that the LeoVince ZX offers I would get that pipe if I had a chance to do it over again. That cylinder is nice that you have listed there. I am unsure whether or not you have an aircooled or liquid cooled engine but the one you have selected is liquid cooled; you'll want to make sure you have the correct kit for your setup. I personally would not go with the Malossi because I need a bit more speed. I good second choice would be the Top Performances Trophy 70cc kit. Many of my friends have it on thier zuma scooters and they are loving the power and acceleration they get; it's double ringed and cast iron so its going to last a long time too. Don't touch your gearing for now. After you get your scooter modified you will see that you probably don't need the different gear setup. Upgearing your kit will only hurt your acceleration with a sport 70cc kit installed. Don't worry about the CDI for now; get your 70cc kit tuned first and your stock carburetor jetted right and then you can think of installing a CDI. Don't bother changing the carburetor for a 70cc upgrade, you only get a tiny increase in power at the top end and you need to have it revving higher than a sport kit is allowed for that to happen.


Final note...Don't install everything at once! If you install one thing at a time you'll know what is wrong with the scoot and the problem will only involve one part, instead of a combination of parts; and that would be impossible to fix.


Good luck!



Thanks for the reply Russell and the good tips. Much appreciated! So I will begin my project with a cylinder kit and pipe, and do one mod at a time. Can you provide a link to the Top performance trophy kit you were mentioning?