JL RH Exhaust - 75MM Reduction!

Hi Chaps,

I've just shortened a JL Right Hand Exhaust Muffler by 75 mm (3 inches) in order for it to clear the frame on a Rally 200 - This was the minimum I could take off in order to alleviate a clash even though I have cut the frame aswell.

I am quite naive with regards to Exhausts - I presume the expansion part of the exhaust effects back pressure etc so that shortening the muffler should not affect performance - Maybe slightly louder??

Any comments chaps please?



Yeah have now fitted the exhaust into the scooter. The sound volume does not seem to have changed from before the modification! The Muffler does still hit the frame going over pot holes 2 up so a little more tweaking to be done!

Will post pics in next week or so.

Now I know it fits (Well almost!) I may buy a stainless one and polish it up.

Does anyone know the difference between these:-

JL RZ 2000 Plus (From scootercentre) & SIP RH Racing exhaust RZ Mark One?

Is the RZ 2000 better anyone??

can u put pictures?
don’t worry the muffler doesn’t affect performance, just sound!

Here is a great site where 14 different exhaust, each has been commented on and power curves are shown.