JL R/H ON P200

What carb settings etc would anyone recommend for the above exhaust on a standard P200

Hi Soulman,
I had a JL RH on my P2 & used a 122 main jet which made it run ok but I wouldn’t use this pipe on long rallies as the rubber connection snapped & my pipe was dragging all the way home. Fortnately, Jim Lomas sent me a couple of spare rubbers in the post but i have now taken it off P2,Chris

Shove a Polini/Malossi on it you gayer.

Standard barrel and pipe?Bah,Humbug!

I’d put 120 in and try it. It will probably be a little rich but try it. You could well settle on 118. A half turn or so on your mixture screw(anticlockwise ) wont hurt.

;D ;D ;D