JL Evo 2000 / 2003 lefthand exhaust

Hello, this is my first post here, I hope I am posting to the correct section.

Would anyone happen to have any pictures of a JL Evo 2000 (or 2003) lefthand exhaust mounted on a scooter? I am thinking of buying one, as the dyno charts look good, the only trouble is I have never seen one mounted on a scooter, so apart from catalogue photos (not mounted), I don't really have an idea of how they look.

Any photos or links to photos appreciated! Thanks!

There's a st/st JL on Ebay if anyone's interested.


I put my JL performance for 200cc on ebay also:


Thanks for the pic, csc.roadcaptain. BTW, are you sure that's a JL Evo 2000 or 2003? It looks like the original JL to me ...

Thanks again.