JL downpipe

Can SIP supply me a new downpipe for my JL right hander? The pipe is for a PX125 but i need to fit it to my T5. I only need the downpipe not the full exhaust. Cheers.

Sorry you couldn't help to supply me a new downpipe. Scooter Center in Germany sorted me one and delivered it within 4 days.

No its not broken i just wanted to put the JL on a T5. Do you know if a Scorpion pipe for a PX will fit on a T5 will the correct downpipe?

hi ..


i´m sorry

we dont got an T5 downpipe for JL Righthand

is your downpipe broken ?

can you weld it ?

Hi ...

i´m sorry !

i dont got an solution with you downpipe problem.

I recommend you to sell your PX Pipe and to purchase an T5 Pipe incl downpipe.



Yes ??


So please tell me if it fits !

Im shure it will not fit.