Hi chaps, been a while. Iv’e got a small jetting problem or should I say a mate of mine has. He brought over his P200 malossi 210 running a 26mm sparco standard type carb and a taffy exhaust with the timming set all the way round on the slots. The problem is the piston has a hole in it not a large hole but a hole all the same. The area around the small hole has a large crater with the classic spark erosion type look to it. I,ll post a pic on the forumpic part of the main site. What I need from you chaps is some jetting advice, main jet and any other jet or tube sizes. GOT TO GET THIS RIGHT OR ITS GOING TO BE AN EXPENSIVE HOBY FOR HIM AT 76 POUND A GO. thanks mark

holed piston or crator, is im sure you are aware is pre ignition!

Might be alright but I’d think it would need at least a 128-135.

Hi yes 130 is more like it with be4 atomiser and drilled air filter. Also check cylinder head for comresion should be about 30cc including squish

Original von balmo: Where exactly do you drill the air filter,have heard they do that but don't know exactly where to drill the hole.Many thanx.

Drill a hole 6mm above the air corector (attached to the atomiser and main jet. Also a 3mm hole above the pilot or slow running jet.

the hole that is above the main jet when the air filter is on the carb drill this out. hope this helps Gary

thanks for the tips chaps my mate got a 128 130 132 jet today and is going to do some crful plug watching over the weekend, keep you posted.


The jetting could be anything from 130 to 145 on the main jet all other jets should be from standard set up…it also will depend on what tune the bottom end as had…as for the taffspeed exhaust i had one on my 210 once and i had to grind out the slots on the stator to retard the timing more and that worked fine whith just a 130 main but it was a 24mm carb…Hope this helps

hi chaps got the new piston off my mate today to fit. All back together ok but when i checked what jetts have been fitted there is only a 125 main !!! this seems a very low jett for a 210cc engine with a taffy pipe. any comments please.


Where exactly do you drill the air filter,have heard they do that but don’t know exactly where to drill the hole.Many thanx.