My bike is PX200. MY bike used MALOSSI 210, PHBH 30 ,Reed-valve manifold MALOSSI and SIP performance. I want to ask that which type of JET needle ,Calibrator and main JET can use for my bike ?


start with :

Main: 145 ( get a 140 and a 142 spare)
idle : 55
calibrator : AV 262
needle: X3
clip position: position 3 from top.

hello choichi,

if it is correct you meant what postman says, I am sorry but I don’t have any experience with standard P200 barrel + reed + 30.

For postman:

OK, I will try to make some pictures. The thing to consider is that when you mount the fuel pump under the tank, (at the right high,
not on the plastic floor. The correct high is about the level of the tank fuel tapper or a little lower, not much lower), if there is something to check, or that get loose, it will be difficult to detect, and to do it you have to take the tank out. Mounted like this everything is nice and clean but consider to check regularly all the connections.

The outside mount is less nice, a lot of tubes, but it does’nt look that bad, if you have seen some picture in my photo blog. The good thing is that in this position you can check it whenever you want and if there is a leak somewhere it will be easy to detect.


sorry, I didn’t understand at all your last question.

My suggestion of carb set up is already for a Malossi 210 + reed intake with dell’ orto30PHBH.

If not reed intake with just a racing crank for a malossi 210 with expansion exhaust you are looking for a main jet around 130 - 135.

Please consider that with reed 145 main jet I think is going to be the biggest you could need. I think you are going to end up using something around 140.

Hello everybody again,

Can anyone give me any advice on jetting for a PHBH 30 carb and Reed-valve manifold MALOSSI on a PX200 with a original cylinder and exhaust of SIP performance .

Which model of the needle ,Calibrator and main JET suitable for my case ?

Any advice very much appreciated.

hi curare
i think what he means is
standard px200 barrell and piston and head
running with sip pipe and 30mm dellotrto reedvalve kit (mallossi)
he want sto know reccommended jetting for it

as you gave him jetting for a full blown 210 mallossi kitted engine with the works done to it

curare my engine build is coming on nice all been rebuilt but now i need to ask a favour could you post some close up pics of how you have mounted the mukuni fuel pump on your site if you have any as i’m having difficulty in making my mind up and i don’t want loads of pipe work but i’d like it to look factory



Sorry, I didn’t understand, maybe somebody else would be able to.
English is not my native language… and sometimes things are not clear for me.

Hello Curare,

Thank you very much for your reply.

I have another question now.

Can you give me any advice on 145 main jetting for a original cylindert or MALOSSI 210 ?

If not for a original cylindert, Which model of the needle ,Calibrator,clip position and main JET can suitable for my case ?

Any advice very much appreciated.

Hello Curare / everybody,

Thank you for your quickly response.

Sorry for my misunderstanding, let’s me express it once.
As I’d like to inform that if I confirm to install the original cylinder (Cylinder kit PIAGGIO PX200/Rally200, without cylinder
head/jointpipe, 12hp version Art.-no. 41470800) on my motorbike, then any needle, calibrator, clip position and main JET I have got to change?? Do you have any suggestion?? (If so, please advise the item no. to me)

Hopefully you can understand what I mean,

Your attention is highly appreciated!