Jetting scorpion on T5

Hi there i am getting a scorpion pipe for my T5 the scooter has standard carb with autolube malossi kit cosa clutch the head has been done bye tafspeed to use with kit and simonini pipe will i need to get the head redone i am is useing 122 main jet what size main jet will the scorpion need thanks Gary ps how do you space out the spare wheel thanks [:dance3:] [:dance1:]

Thanks mtl

Should get pipe monday will try that Thanks Gary[:dance1:]

Gaz 7,
I’m keen to hear what you think of the scorpion pipe.
I have one on my PX150. Just bolting it on, it runs rich in the mid range & Verylean at the top end. I have had lots of trouble getting it to function across the rev range. In fact i holed my piston riding to Brighton today. [:’(]

sorry should have said the main jet i am useing is 122

A taffy head should be fine, these guys know what they are doing. You could try a bigger mainjet, try the next size up, but in reality you really need to do a plug chop when you get the scorpian on. With regards to the spare wheel, go to wellermans site as I know wellerman had a bracket constructed and he will be able to give you advice.

HI fitted pipe on last week went from 122 main jet to 125 seems too run ok top end is a lot better. Riding into strong wind dose not seem to pull as well as the simonini only done about 150 miles so far plug seems fine bare in mined that mine is a kitted scooter not standard Gary

I put a 13mm headed bolt through from behind the bottom bolt hole and put 3 nuts on this to make a spacer which slightly angles the wheel away from the pipe.