Jetting RZ MK1 Right Hand PX200 Exhaust

Recently bought SIP Exhaust, have been advised to jet it at 126 main jet, seems pretty high, running sluggish. Any info greatly received.

Not only safe but recommended. If you’re unsure, go on a nice hilly, 25 mile run, as flat out as you can with your hand over the clutch lever. If no problems, don’t bother changing it. If it overheats, seizes or pinks retard to 18. Me, I’d do it straight away.

I would still drop timng back to 18 degrees. I would expect overheating on runs otherwise.

Seems big to me too, BUT if thats whats recommended then go for it. If all standard other than pipe id be expecting something along the lines of a starting on 122 then maybe drop after testing to maybe 120-118. Test with the 126 first, its recommended. Have you altered the timing at all. expect to have to drop timing back to 18 ish to stop pinking/ seizure. I know nobody seems to mention this when buying one but your going to experience higher performance (hopefully), therefore higher temperatures.

Standard timing mark is 21 degrees, standard 125 timing mark is 18 degrees. Reset by rotating stator plate clockwise to the 125 mark. Timing should then be checked by using strobe light. If you still get an overheating problem, theres nothing written down to stop you retarding timing further, but very unlikely youll need to with your set-up.

setting timming to 125-150 mark -18 degrees will that be safe for my px 200 & will it still be sparking -tdc- as this is the fist time i’ve heard this mentioned.

I have now tried it with a 120 main jet and can get 75-80 mph. The timing is set to the original timing mark which is shown in the Haynes manual and the mixture is set to 2 and a half turns outwards.

Do you know what the standard PX200 mark is in degrees?