Jetting Question

I have a px200e engine, pinasco 213 kit, maz long stroke, 24/24e carb.  Since we have been getting more ethanol my scoot started stumbling around 3500 rpm.  My previous setup was 50/100 idle, 150.Be3.122. My plug indicates a rich condition.  I switched to a 185.be2 and the problem cleared up for a few miles and came back.  I tried a 150.be2 and it got better but still skips a bit. any suggestions?

try to make the two holes on the air filterlike this (the one on the right)


but try with a classic configuration  160-be3-jet max, later 190-be3 jet max

i suggest to buy the t5 air filter, ther's a lot of difference between the px200 model and this