Jetting Question

Hi all just some advice needed for a mate he has standard T5 with Sito Plus exhaust on it what jet size should he be he has taken it to a shop and they have advised 122 i told him i think that is very high but what do i know !!! I looked at his plug and it did look fine i must admit. So any thoughts please as he is driving me mad asking all the time.


wierd, standard is 110.


does it have the right carb [?[]

112 with Sito plus it has been always fine for me too.[H]

little one tell your friend to either find a new shop or tell the owner to read a haynes manual! a sito on a t5 really shouldnt need up jetted but is always worth while ,to get that extra little punch. would be interesting to no who the dealer is? have they been mentioned before on wellermans site in the past???

i ran my t5 with sito plus with a 112 it went very well, going back to a sito on my next engine set up