Jetting once again

Hi guys, does anyone knows the jetting for the following setup

Malossi 166
Engine case ported
Malossi reedvalve
Dell’Orto PHBH 30mm
Inlet not ported yet but will come when I will have enough info about it (maybe some picture of Curare!)
Exhaust SIP Perfomance
Malossi Gearing 23-64
The jetting is stock 115, needle X2
A Dell’Orto full pump

Please help

Is there a way to post picture in here?


hello Mikke,

115 main jet with this set up for me it seams too small. I think it is for this reason you have problem when you open the trottle.
When you will do your inlet port job the main size jet will be around 130 - 135. ( Of course if I remember well )

Now, with this set up, try to go to 125 and let me know.

I have three engine with three different reed port to do , Malossi reed one is on the list. Picture in about 3 weeks.

hello Mikke,

Some engines are mine, but most of them are for clients.
Right now i have to tune three engine with three different reeds, Tassinari, Yamaha and Malossi from which I took the pictures!
I thought that if every time I have something interesting I make a picture could be useful for the others. I have never done it before becouse I got a dig camera last month and I used my first computer last year.

Where do you find all these engines?

I am really looking forward to see your Malossi Picture