Jetting Help

Hi, looking for some help.

I have a 2014 standard px125.      It currently has a cat exhaust that i am replacing with a SIP road 2.


What is the correct set up of the jets? i imagine this is quite a common set up these days? Using a drilled air filter

I was thinking 160 ac / be3 mixer / 102 main. 

what would the correct idle jet be?

Thanks for this- would this be on a standard SI 20/20D carb? 

Any thoughts on the idle/slow-running jet?

(does the start jet remain the same?)

I'm on a '07 px/lml125 without automatic mixer, using an NGK B6HS spark plug. 



Hello Mick,

there you`ve to try round about a 104 mainjet.


Kind regards

Mario SIP