Jetting for T5 172 kit


sorry to ask these question as I am sure it has been on before but i can’t seem to locate the answer.

I have a 172 kit, it has been ported and engine cassings matched, a standard carb with a SIP JL high torque exhaust. Can anyone help me with what the jetting set up shuld be ?

Thanks for that. I have put a 125 main jet in and it seems to run ok but seems a bit short on top end power.

What is the best way to check that jetting is correct without putting it on a dyno machine ?

I am gong to try the 122 main jet also to see if this makes any difference. Although before i put the 125 in there was a 135 in it.

If it’s a standard carb I’d start with a 122 main on that with a 120 and a 125 incase it need’s more or less.