Jetting for scorpion exhaust

scorpion exhaust needing to know best jetting with standard t5[email protected]

thanks for your suggestions stubby, i’ve being looking throught you posts,picked up some good info, anyway , at the minute i’m running a 112 jet, the bike needs about 10 kicks to get her going,ticking over nicely,1st 2nd gear revs to the ten on the road, 3rd revs to 6,then you have to hold her there for a while then she’ll rev to the 8000revs mark, 4th, have to hit 4th before she drops below 6000 revs or you back in 3rd to build up speed,but in 4th she sits at the 7000revs constant even with the wind against you really flies,andy on the red t5 square head light of course(enniskillen) reconds his does over 70mph and i can fly by him,its running well enought but its the flat spots in 3rd and 4th that gets me, revving the shit out to get somewhere, would i need to set the timing different, (i see you have worked that on yours) thanks wayne

ps who did ya get the pipe off???

got the pipe from beedspeed, £200.00 AND THEY THREW IN A B9 PLUG AND 112 JET;[:D] [:D]

wayne ya aul bollox ye!!! hows it goin?r u doin the scooter cruise at end of the month??? any way mate, heres one for ya regarding your 10 kicks to start! now this has happened to me!! have you got the metal bolt on stand feet?i had same problem with these on. after rebuild i thought somethin wasnt rite as u say 10 15 kicks to start. anyway got ***ed off cause i cit was a hassle tryin to get the red lady off the stand so took stand feet off. low and behold 1st,2nd kick everytime!now work that one out!i reckon scoot was sittin at that much of an angle that she wasnt gettin the fuel!as for the pipe sure u no the hassle i had, try up another main to 114, colder plug,move timeing back a degree or so and air screw out 2 to 2 and a half turns. its trial and error mate. keep eye on the colour of your plug[:sleep:]

waynie my friend, i spent over 8 months tryin to set up a p2 with a scorpion,put it this way, i did in all the carb cover,filter,stator plate and flywheel cover screw threads not to mention a few holed pistons!!! got my self a scoot rs pipe the other week (non stainless) no problems, no pinking no siezures up 2 main jet sizes!!! my opinion of scorpion is they r not worth a f’’’! have heard many times from others of having the same problem. but i didnt listen to them! yes they look the balls, sound the balls but would never use one again! but sayin that if you do get it set up then happy days! try a 116 main to start off, then drop to 114, but be prepaired for heat transfer problems, ie pinking!good luck[:’(]