Jetting for mikuni on polini 210 pls

hi folks fabs here…i am considering getting a:
MIKUNI Carburetor TMX 30, flat
slider, powerjet, mj 195, aj
40, pj 80, 36mm engine side/
50mm air filter

i’m putting this on my:
P200 engine
polini 210 kit (shaved head)
the case has been ported
peroformance exhaust
mazzuchella race crank(not full circle)

i just wanted to know if any of you are running this settup with a mikuni carb, if so what is the jetting you have on it? is it hard to tune?
let me know…thanks


this carb is not hard to tune if you have already some experience. Just a little different since power jet.
I have used it generally with reed block so the set up will be different from yours, only once with polini 207 and race crank. I will try to find where a wrote down this set up. When i find it I will let you know at least you have a good starting point.