Jetting for DR180 kit?

Similarly to the previous discussion, I am interested in fitting a DR180 kit and sito plus to my px125, but I do not want to change the carb. Is this setup ok? what jet size would anybody out there recommend?

Cheers. Ed.

That’s all true but you don’t have to change the carb if you don’t want to. I’m not sure about the DR kit but with the Polini it says in the fitting instuctions not to change the main jet. I have a polini on a 150 Sprint V. engine with standard carb and jet and have been riding it everyday for a couple of years without any probs. I may go to a 24 mm but it goes so well now that I don’t really want to risk messing it up.

Hope that helps.[:rotate:]

Hello Ed,

a main jet between 108 and 110 will be perfect with a SI 20/20 carb. I’ve had 2 Scooters with this kit by my own and they worked perfect!

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Markus[:bounce:] [:bounce:] [:bounce:]