Jetting For a Polini 208

I have a PX200 Disc and have just fitted a Poilini 208 Cylinder and had the cranckcase matched to the cylinder and fitted a Simonini exhaust, how should I jet the Standard 24m carb. Can anybody help?


Thanks for your help.

Does anyone have experience with the Polini?


I tried size 128 but it was a little too large so I tried 125. It seems fine at the moment and is running sweet.

Frank [:sex:]

I dont realy know for sure with polini setup but with the malossi kit they recommend 125 main jet with standard carb and exhaust . 130 main jet with standard carb and sports exhaust or expansion chamber . It may be wise to go up on this with the polini with it being a cast cylinder. just keep doing plug checks to be sure. Hope this helps[:bounce:]

I got the head from SIP its the 69mm standard type, should this be ok?


I will let you know how I get on


I know that Dylan (who contributes regularly) does so he should be able to answer this for you.