Jetting (again)!

Hello everyone.

PX200 disc (2003)

Apologies if this question has been asked before, but can anyone give advice on what jetting I should use on a 210 malossi (px200 disc 2003) with a JL RZ Evo 2000 exhaust? I'm running a standard carb.


Many thanks.[:)]


If you port it start with 125 main, if not start with 120.

I have a  Polini 210 cylinder kit  and a Polini exhaust (PX 200 Iris) without porting and I am using a 122 main and it is a little fat.

agree with slingdog, but plug reading is still the best way to go start with the biggest main jet let say 130 then work down to smaller jet as you plug read, do wide open throttle on 3rd gea immediatlely turn off the engine. coz i believe as slingdog said youll be surprized as they all have diff attitude :slight_smile: …maybe the best jet wu=ith your scoot is 118. you see its a trial and error thing when it comes to jetting, there are so many factors to consider and remember you still have the idle jet :)…try to tweak your air fuel mix to left and right dont be scared and feel your engine how it responded to it, coz only you can discover the perfect jet for your scoot :slight_smile: hope this enligthens everyone. cheers and take it easy.

Thanks ever so much lads. You've all been a great help!

Plug seems a bit white on the 122, so I'm gonna go up to a 126.

What about mixture lads? I'm still runnung the autolube on my px. Double the amount?


Thanks for your help mate. I was expecting something more like 128 on the main.

Thanks again.

Yes, go for about 128 main you might need to go to 125 but not all scoots are the same, so you could need 120, but would be surprised!


jl should be better than a polini, so would need bigger main ..but the polini is a more thirsty kit!