Jetting advice for px200


I have a px 200 disc 2003 model with a T5 4th gear and a stainless steel JL engine side exhaust, i would appreciate any jetting advice, currently running scoot with standard carb and barrel etc.

Any advice most welcome

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La Rocca

Thank you for the advise, i have tried a 120 and a 122 main, although the plug appears fine, the scoot seems to hold back from 3/4 throttle onwards in 4th, would the pilot jet being changed make any difference.?

Much obliged for the advice.




i would say that 120-122 main jet is ok

but please check always the spark plug when you change your jets

generally it is right that you have to minor your main jet if you got this problem that you wrote...


but its also risky to damage the cylinder

maybe its a problem of gear .... you could try to use the DRT Geat Art. Nr. 40431660


also a longstroke crankshaft can resolve your problem