Jetting Advice for Pinasco 177 Kit on new 2012 PX125



Just bought the above. Any ideas on the best jet set up using stanard PX125 Carb and crank etc?

i have just fitted the 177 pinasco racing kit, with a 20 20 carb , i thought it please me with good power , it did not, any idea how i can improve things

Hi, obviously together with the 177 kit you got a non-catalyzed exhaust did you? I suppose you are keeping the original 20 carb.

The jetting is actually the same as the old px 150 non-catalyzed: "160-BE3-main jet" and idle 48/160 (or better 50/160 which if I remember properly you already have in the original carb). Main jet with standard exhaust such as sito standard (not plus) or piaggio non-catalyzed should be about 106-108, more probably 106.