Sorry I know you knowledgable types must get bored of this but.... what size jets do you think I need? Setup is: '75 Sprint Veloce with

Malossi 166 kit,

Polini upgear kit

12v conversion

standard 24m dell'orto carb

Sito Plus exhaust

mazz racing crank





Hi breezer,

I think you can start with a 118 main jet +/- 5 jet sizes!

Ignition: 19°

start around 126-130 ish. if too rich and burbling on 126 go down ,if clearing right out and revving to its max up jet to 128 then 130 and so on till it no longer clears and burbles then go back to last jet that it didnt burble on once engine is hot. a cold engine should burble then clear as it warms up